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Fashion for powerful women.
Slay Girl Fashion Ltd is a UK online women's fashion boutique providing the hottest trends for less! We have happy customers from all over the world.

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Contact us any time! 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of placing an order with Slay Girl Fashion

1. Slay Girl Fashion is a UK-based company specialising in clothing, footwear and accessories. All available products excluding free gifts (subject to availability, offer and expiry of offer) are depicted on and must be ordered through the website.
2. Items ordered from will be delivered to the shipping address provided. No further items will be delivered until a new order is placed.
3. Payment is due immediately upon placing an order at We do not offer delayed payment, credit, loans, free items or monthly or weekly payments.
4. Payments are processed through PayPal using debit or credit card or through a PayPal account. No other forms of payment, including cheque, cash or payment through an app are available.
5. In the event that payment is not received after an order is placed, no items will be shipped. The order will remain as pending payment until payment is received, at which point items will be shipped.
6. By placing an order, the buyer declares that they understand that shipping may take up to 60 days from the date of shipment, not the date of placing an order.
7. Slay Girl Fashion does not usually handle shipping of items. We are a third party seller and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ship items. Therefore, we cannot decrease the length of the shipment period.
8. Express shipping will incur an extra cost at the rates specified by the manufacturer. Slay Girl Fashion will not profit from Express Shipping as we declare the shipping cost that will be due to us if Express Shipping is selected. Express Shipping must be arranged privately by email (
9. Refunds are accepted within 14 days of receipt of items. Items must be shipped to 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ by 14 days after the date of receipt of items. Refunds or exchanges will not be processed before the returned item has been received by Slay Girl Fashion. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
10. Cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of placement of an order at
11. Promoters who are given free items of Slay Girl Fashion clothing in return for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat or Instagram Story promotional posts or videos are contractually obliged to fulfill this duty after receiving items. We enter a relationship of trust in sending items for free and expect prompt promotion after receipt of items. Failure to promote Slay Girl Fashion after receiving items of clothing free of charge will result in the obligation to return the item(s) to the above specified address, or to pay in full for the item(s) received. Failure to either post a promotional photo or video, pay in full or return the items will be considered theft and legal proceedings will be brought against the offending party.
12. Slay Girl Fashion reserves the right to select promoters based on number of followers and to reject offers of promotion on this basis. Offers of promotion may also be rejected due to budgeting. Promoters are never rejected on the basis of appearance.
13. Orders will be processed within 2 working days of placement of an order
14. The status displayed on “Your Account” on reflects the status the admins of Slay Girl Fashion have selected depending on whether the order has been placed. It does not reflect shipment status. The status will display “Processing” from the point it is marked thus by an admin until delivery of the item(s)
15. In placing an order at, the buyer declares that they understand that orders of multiple items are manufactured and shipped by 2 or more different companies. The buyer thus declares that they understand that items as part of orders of multiple items will be delivered separately, at different times.
16. Slay Girl Fashion reserves the right to edit, amend and remove comments from Facebook, product reviews on, Twitter and Instagram deemed offensive, inappropriate, or unfairly damaging to the image, reputation or success of Slay Girl Fashion.
17. The customer has the right to cancel an order for any reason within 14 days. If the item(s) has already been shipped at the point of cancellation, the buyer is responsible for returning the goods to Slay Girl Fashion.
18. Photographs used on our social media and remain the property of the photographer.
19. In the event of theft of photographs from Slay Girl Fashion official social media accounts or, the offending party will be reported to the relevant authority and asked to remove the stolen photographs. Slay Girl Fashion may instigate legal proceedings in cases of non-compliance.
20. Customers are urged to read our Frequently Asked Questions prior to directly contacting Slay Girl Fashion. Response to any questions already answered on the FAQ page of may be delayed
21. Items may be returned for a full refund via PayPal. The buyer pays the cost of return shipping. SlayGirl Fashion will not bear this cost under any circumstances, and by placing an order the buyer declares that they understand and agree to this.
22. In placing an order with Slay Girl Fashion, the buyer declares that they understand and agree to consent to the fact that Customs Offices of countries may charge Customs Duty at rates set out by Customs Offices of individual countries. Slay Girl Fashion is not responsible for rates or payment of Customs Duty and will not pay this cost under any circumstances. In placing an order at, the buyer consents to pay any customs charges incurred and declares understanding that they will not be compensated or refunded for this.
23. Returned items must be in saleable condition. Slay Girl Fashion may refuse refund if the items appear to have been worn or damaged.
24. Orders may be tracked. The buyer must request tracking information, if desired, by contacting Slay Girl Fashion via business email ( In placing an order at, the buyer declares that they understand that tracking details are not given prior to requesting them. Tracking details may not be available until up to 10 days after the date of shipment, not the date of order, and the buyer declares understanding of this when placing an order.
25. In the event that items paid for in full are not delivered by the end of the standard shipping period, the buyer will be refunded in full.
26. The “buyer” is defined as the individual placing an order with
27. The price due to Slay Girl Fashion is that displayed on the item page, unless a valid coupon is presented at checkout.
28. Coupons are not to be used in conjunction with other offers and are subject to exclusions and minimum order value requirements.
29. Slay Girl Fashion reserves the right to refuse refunds on items received more than 14 days after the date of delivery to the buyer.

30. Returns will only be accepted for reason of damaged or faulty items, or for exchange to a different size, unless there is no size either up or down from the size originally purchased, in which case a full refund will be offered. Returns will not be accepted for the reason of the length of shipping period, unless it is not delivered within the standard shipping period.
31. This agreement shall be enacted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.