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Summer Slay Shopping Guide | Sera Inspire

Hey there #slaygirlsquad!

You know the drill by now – every month, we ask an up-and-coming blogger to contribute a guest post featuring their favourite items from our collection. This month, it’s the lovely Sarafina from Kenya bringing you her top picks for the new season! PS – you can use her exclusive discount code “sera20” for 20% off your cart!

Summer Slay Shopping Guide

Out with the cold and in with the warmth! An exclusive read for all wonderful ladies welcoming summer in Europe, especially in the UK, and what better way to do it than in style? It’s time to grab your purses and go spring shopping! Here’s to atleast 15 fabulous outfit ideas that ultimately give you 15 reasons as to why you will want to shop with Slay Girl Fashion this month. And the best thing about these outfits is that they can be worn as you approach and during  summer so…..Let’s get slayin!

01. Ripped Mom Jeans

As always, no girl’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of nice ripped jeans. Perfect for a casual occasion, a besties’ girls night out or casual evening wear, this will be perfect to rock the spring season. Paired with some nude Louboutin heels or Valentinos, and the Chanel or Louis Vuitton casual handbag, the ripped mom jeans will dress you to leave a long-lasting impression on your friends and loved ones.

02. Patchwork Bodycon Dress

So nicely designed and detailed, the patchwork bodycon dress is just one of those pieces you don’t wanna miss having in your closet. Its unique detail makes it easily identified as a signature piece. Perfect for a work setting, a dinner date or a casual occasion as well, this would come in really fashtastic. Its monochromatic look will have it easily spiced by any colour of heels and matching handbag to complete the look.


03. Serena Faux Leather Skirt

Leather outfits always bring up that chic feeling and have a lady look so polished and put together. Paired with almost every kind of top, be it off-shoulder, one-shoulder, embroidered floral tops, just to mention a few, the serena faux leather skirt is no less. Depending on what it is worn with, this skirt would be perfect for a day out, a casual occasion or just a normal, chill out day. The glossy red colour adds that extra dose of colour you’ll want to see in your wardrobe for a long time coming.


04. Beyonce Boy Bye T-Shirt

Ready to say goodbye to winter, get out and girlboss? The Beyonce boy-bye t-shirt is a must have. Casual as it is, it will basically go well with all kinds of outfits; be it a good pair of denim jeans, a bodycon skirt, leather or denim skirt and shorts as well. The black makes it easier to blend with almost all colours as well…get this t-shirt and add it to your collection. The options on pairing it are unlimited.


05. Faux Leather Biker Jacket

It’s not quite the time we want to completely say goodbye to our jackets yet. In it’s neutral sky blue colour, this faux leather biker jacket is one of the many jackets you have to own. With the belted detail added to this jacket, it gives you options to either zip it up for a more official look, or belt up at the bottom for such a relaxed, more casual look. This would be perfect paired with a casual t-shirt and some chino pants, or basically any type of lower wear. A complete look would be spicing it up with a pointy-toed pair of heels. The most amazing thing about shopping at Slay Girl Fashion is that you can get this in a variety of other colours; you can get it in red, pink or yellow as well!

06. Ivy Bodycon Dress

In its inviting nude pink colour, the ivy bodycon dress is another one of the many reasons you should stop over at Slay Girl Fashion and shop with them. The front slit and the added choker detail on the dress makes this impeccable for an evening date, a family dinner, even a wedding go-to outfit! Paired with some nude pink Valentino heels, a neutral make up look and maybe a leather jacket to complete the entire look, this bodycon dress would not only serve to dress you, but it would also seek to connect with your personality style perfectly.


07. Leah Faux Leather Shorts

As earlier said, leather outfits have you looking and feeling chic, and make a lady look so polished and put together. If you feel that the serena faux leather skirt is not for you, no need to worry, Slay Girl Fashion got you covered with this camel-coloured Leah Faux Leather Shorts! This would be a perfect go-to for a day out, and just like leather skirts, there’s a variety of tops you could pair these shorts with as they will look incredible paired with almost any kind of top or upper wear.


08. Madison Ruffle Off-Shoulder Bodysuit

The working ladies definitely have a reason to smile this season as they drop by Slay Girl Fashion for something exclusive to rock at their work places. This elegant Madison Ruffle off-shoulder bodysuit would make jaws literally drop. The ruffle detail on this bodysuit gives it a unique look, not to mention the polished taste of colour. Paired with some white, cream or taupe-coloured pair of jeans or skirts, this is the one piece of clothing that your colleagues will complement all month long.


09. Paige Wrap Top

If you won’t give the Beyonce boy-bye t-shirt a go, then you definitely have to try The Paige Wrap Top. The silky material is guaranteed to keep you warm across various temperature changes, not to mention the wrap-around detail that makes this top all so unique. The mocha colour will also blend well with other neutral-coloured choice of lower wear; be it a black leather skirt, a cream pair of shorts, some grey pants or a taupe-coloured bodycon skirt. The entire look can be completed by draping a denim coat, or any other choice of coat, over your shoulders for that glam, put-together final look.


10. Savannah Halter Dress

Still adding on to your dress collection, the Savannah Halter Dress is another of Slay Girl’s Fashion dress pieces that will delight you to own. Paired with some cute sandals, what other outfit would be better just for those days you want to take a walk along the beach? Better still, its nude brown colour is a complete assurance that this will stay a longer time in your wardrobe as compared to trendy pieces that go out of style after some time. The knotted detail below the cleavage on the dress perfectly adds a bit of sparkle to the dress, just perfect for you.


11. Faux Leather Bustier Bodycon Dress

The last, but not least, of dresses you have to consider purchasing from Slay Girl Fashion is the Faux Leather Bustier Bodycon Dress. While this is in sky-blue, which is one of my favourite colours, it will interest you to know that there’s a variety of other colour options; you could get this in Gold, Light Pink, ScarletWine Red and Black. A perfect curve-hugger, I sure would rock this for an appointment meeting, or an evening out. Paired with Slay Girl Fashion’s own Sky Blue Faux Leather Biker Jacket, and a pair of blue or white heels, this will make an awesome go-to outfit.


12. Embroidered Rose Top

Add some glam to your wardrobe this season by getting this embroidered rose floral top. Prints make all the difference on a plain outfit; be it stripes, animal prints, polka dots or florals. This top is not only a floral, but it has a cute lace-up detail that adds to its unique features. Casual for the occasion, this will go well paired with a pair of denim jeans, or leather or denim shorts or skirts. Florals look good with any body type and personality, hence, a high recommendation that you get this top today at Slay Girl Fashion, and only for a price of £15.00.


13. Belle Velvet Set

Our wardrobes aren’t complete without atleast two sets of two-piece outfits. The first two-piece must have is this Belle Velvet Set. Nude colours, ultimately supposed to be a girl’s second best friend after her pearls of course, should form the foundation of your outfit collection and closet. This two-piece set comes with a skirt and top in a nude-brown colour, and is perfect for a casual occasion; more like a girls day out or a party. Worn with a denim coat to complete the entire look, the sky would be the limit for a fantastic day out.


14. Pink Casual Two Piece Tracksuit

The second two-piece must have is the casual two-piece tracksuit in nude pink. Cosy and cute, this is one of those outfits that a girl dreams about having in her closet, and I couldn’t say more to compliment the ribbed, sweater-like fabric, which most certainly allows some warmth when temperatures drop, as well as body aeration when temperatures are a bit high. Worn with some sporty sneakers, this would go well for a jog or an early morning run, or those just-to-hang-out moments with your pals.


15. Pink Fur Slider Slippers

It’s never really chic without that feel of fur in your closet. That’s why you definitely have to try the Pink Fur Slider Slippers. If pink ain’t your colour, not to worry. Slay Girl Fashion definitely got you covered with some whiteand black, which would go well in absolutely almost all casual outfits. These fur slider slippers would do just for a chill out in the house, or an evening stroll around the neighbourhood. Lose the socks and boots and have a taste of fur. Try them out this season!

These are just some of the few must-haves that Slay Girl Fashion’s Collection has in store for you. For a wider scope of what they have, be sure to check out their website and most specifically, their shop. Don’t hesitate to stop today and make a check-in at their shop, for the most trendy, yet fashionably available signature pieces that will be worth having in your closet! This blog is highly in collaboration with Slay Girl Fashion, and I count myself privileged that they chose me to be their May 2018 blogger. I enjoyed working with them to make this blog post a success.

Thanks, Sarafina! x

One thought on “Summer Slay Shopping Guide | Sera Inspire

  • BillMay 23, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Amazing insights here. I’m definitely getting her touch of white/black slider skippers. Cheers Sarafina 🥂


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